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Chapter 1351: An Extraordinary Chemical Reaction (2)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

However, Lu Tianqing was too desperate for a crushing victory, so she edited the script till it was nothing like what it was in the beginning.

When she saw any popular points that attracted the audience, she wanted to add them in and try her best to please more viewers.

However, there was a limit to how long a movie could be.

The movie length was only two hours, yet she wanted to give the audience everything possible.

Hence, it lost its integrity.

Sometimes, one had to practice the art of subtraction when it came to making movies.

It wasnt easy to master the balance needed to make a good movie.

It was like cooking a dish.

One couldnt cook a good dish with just any seasoning.

Only the right seasoning could maximize the main points of a dish.

Lu Tianqings failure was inevitable.

Lu Tianqing also realized that there was something fishy about these movie theaters.

They had secretly increased the number of screenings for Su Beis movie.


She was so angry that she wished to ask them to clarify the situation.

However, her manager stopped her.

“Its not easy for Boss Jin to cultivate these relationships.

Besides, they did give you the most screenings in the first three days.

Even now, they didnt give Su Bei too many screenings.

If things get too ugly, Boss Jin wont be able to maintain his reputation.

You can only blame Su Bei for being too good at creating hype.

She used so many people to create hype for her movie.”

Lu Tianqing reluctantly accepted this explanation.

However, if her movies box office results were suppressed after only three days of screening, it would be really difficult to turn the tide after this.

All she could do was increase the movies marketing budget.

But how could they promote it as naturally as Su Bei did

Seeing that the box office results were getting lower and lower, Lu Tianqing was very worried.

“Whats going on”

The manager had no choice.

“The producers have already thought of many ways.

However, when some movie theaters saw that Su Beis box office results were better, they took down ours and switched to just solely screening Su Beis movie.

Besides, there are no other movies at this time.

Su Bei really has the advantage.”

Lu Tianqing closed her eyes heavily.

“My dad spent so much money to ensure that only our movie could be released during this period, but it wasnt to help Su Bei make more money!”

“There probably isnt much else we can do right now.

Many people arent choosing to watch our movie… and a lot of the movie theaters are going to have to reduce our screenings.”

Once the number of screenings decreased, their box office results would plummet even more.

Lu Tianqing gritted her teeth.

“Get the assistant to find someone to make arrangements at the movie theaters.”

The manager paused.

“Do we really have to do this”

“Dont you understand what Im saying”

The manager had no choice but to turn away.

The movie theaters would schedule a number of screenings for each movie.

If no one watched a particular movie, they would switch to another movie.

This was the situation that Lu Tianqing was in now.

If no one watched her movie, it would be replaced with Su Beis movie.

Hence, Lu Tianqing got her assistant to buy one or two tickets for each movie screening to lock the venues so that the movie theaters would not replace the movie.

However, in that case, the movie theaters would be the ones on the losing end.

Therefore, such an action would offend the movie theaters.

That was why the manager had tried to dissuade Lu Tianqing.

However, Lu Tianqing did not want to lose too badly.

Not only was she starring in this movie, but she had also invested money in it.

Furthermore, she had bet all her future honor on this.

If Su Bei pressed her against the ground with her movie this time, she would never be able to raise her head again.

Hence, this was the only solution she could think of.

The producers of Su Beis movie wanted to give Su Bei, He Xuyan, and Lu Bei a sum of money for helping them with their movies publicity.

Clearly, the momentum of the entire movie was influenced by them.

After the audience watched the movie, they felt that the movie was good.

When they went back, they recommended the movie to the people around them.

The movie theater managers who had accepted Jin Mingchangs money were now filled with regret.

They watched helplessly as the other theaters made money.

Although they had given Su Bei more screenings, they couldnt give her too many.

After all, they still had to consider Lu Tianqings request.

They had no choice but to suffer the consequences.

They could only wait until no one watched Lu Tianqings movie.

Then, they would naturally switch to Su Beis movie.

However, it was also at this time that many movie theaters discovered that there were people buying tickets for Lu Tianqings movie.

However, only one or two people bought tickets for each screening.

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