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As Adelia expected, Eustaf had a busy schedule.

A bitter smile hung around Eustaf’s mouth as he constantly turned over the documents.

I look no different from any other aristocrat.

It was his vow to preach and practice his will with faith in Vishna as a cardinal, but the reality was very different.

Wherever people gather, power inevitably arises.

Religion, which should be separated from power, became the center of the power struggle.

Without the Pope, the Holy Land was highly volatile.

They have to find the Pope as fast as possible.

“I hope he’s safe.”

Some say the pope returned to Vishna’s arms.

But Eustaf knew that the Pope was still alive.

Eustaf held his breath and lifted the pendant around his neck.

It’s still shining.

The pendant, decorated with a white-blue stone called Vishna’s eyes, still retained its light.

The white-blue stone is a precious stone that can contain divine power.

In the event that the owner of the divine power is killed, the light will vanish.

It will turn into an ordinary stone.

Fortunately, the white-blue stone was still shining.

It was proof that the Pope was still alive.

Eustaf, who was looking at the pendant with deep eyes, sighed and put the pendant back into his clothes.

For now, the first thing to do was to put out the urgent fire.

He had to take proper care of everything, so when the pope returns, he’ll be comfortable.

Eustaf returned with his usual serene face and hurriedly handled the incoming documents.

Then, the voice of one of his assistant priests was heard through the door.



Viscount Yurpheon sent you a letter.

I came here myself because I thought it was quite urgent.”

Eustaf’s hand, which was busy moving the quill pen, stopped.

He immediately took his eyes off the papers and looked at the door.

“Come in.”

“Excuse me, then.”

There was a white letter in the hand of the priest, who carefully opened the door.

In a rather urgent tone, Eustaf confirmed the source of the letter once again.

“Are you sure it’s from Viscount Yurpheon”

“Yes, that’s right.”

With Eustaf’s eyes looking somewhat impatient, the priest hurriedly delivered the letter.

Eustaf accepted the letter and quickly opened it to check its contents.

You want to ask me something

Maybe it’s about the relics.

Eustaf opened his mouth, guessing what Adelia wanted.

“Priest Siben, what’s my schedule for this afternoon”

To Eustaf’s question, the assistant priest answered with a troubled face.

“I think you have to deal with the visitor issues for today.

Actually, you have to deal with it for a whole week.”

“Well, then let’s put off today’s schedule a bit.”


The priest couldn’t help but be bewildered by Eustaf’s decision.

Eustaf has always been faithful to his work.

Delaying his schedule meant that there was something that was more significant.

However, meeting Viscount Yurpheon doesn’t seem important.

Is it because she lit up the torch and set up a new history Or because of the rumor that she’s a prophet

He made his own guesses, but he wasn’t sure about anything.

“What’s the problem”

“The problem…… Well, I see.

Then I’ll set an appointment with the Viscount of Yurpheon for around 2 o’clock.”

There’s a problem, but he decided not to talk.

When the assistant priest nodded, a soft smile formed around Eustaf’s mouth.



At the time Eustaf was struggling with her work, Adelia was greeting Emily.

“Viscount, I’m heading back to the academy today.”

“Already You’re leaving sooner than I thought.

I thought you would stay in the Holy Land for another day.”

“There’s nothing more we can do.

But I’m not sad after having a meaningful time! The next time I see you, it will be after the semester ends.

Please stay healthy until then.

Don’t push yourself too hard…”

Emily, who appeared more mature these days, calmly bid goodbye.

Adelia smiled contentedly at Emily, who was growing up upright.

Adelia, who hasn’t lived that long yet, thought she would never have children in her life.

But seeing Emily grow up, she thought having a cute little sister wasn’t so bad.

“Of course.”

“Yes! Oh, it’s already time……! I’ll be on my way now.

Everyone is waiting.

Take care of the Grand Duke!”

“I look forward to seeing you next time.”

Emily bowed her head and hurried out of the room.

“You look very disappointed.”

“Of course, because now Emily feels like my real sibling.”

At first, she thought she was protecting Emily simply out of guilt and responsibility.

But before she knew it, Emily had become a big part of herself.

And so was Ivan.

Seeing Adelia’s complex eyes, Ivan said with a small smile.

“Emily will do well on her own.

Because she’s a smart kid.”

Adelia also agreed with Ivan.

The young and innocent child she first saw in Rohen was learning about the vast world. 

“I suppose so.”

Adelia rose, shaking her head.

Then, the door rang with impeccable timing.

“A reply has arrived from the Cardinal.”

Adelia did not hesitate and called the messenger in when she received a reply that arrived sooner than she thought.

The priest who brought Eustaf’s reply delivered the reply to Adelia and quickly disappeared.

“What’s the answer”

“2 p.m.

At the cardinal’s private prayer room.”

“That’s good.”

Adelia nodded at Ivan’s satisfied voice.

“I hope you get the answer you want.”


“You don’t have to worry about whatever answer he gives me.

I’ll protect you no matter what.”

Ivan’s voice gave Adelia a sense of security.

If it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t have come this far.

Adelia said with a smile.

“Thank you, Ivan.”

Adelia and Ivan’s eyes met.

Perhaps if Ivan hadn’t continued his relationship with Adelia, he wouldn’t have been caught up in this complexity.

He may have lived a flat life next to Hestine, as if it were just a fixed story.

Ivan held Adelia’s helping hand.

He had to repay her well.

“I will protect you, too.”

When Adelia said she would protect him, surprise spread over Ivan’s eyes.

Soon the surprise disappeared and joy took over.

“I’m satisfied with just having myself in your head all the time.”

It was a very light wish.

even though his wish had already been fulfilled.

Adelia looked at the clock, shaking her head as if she could not stop it.

The hour hand was pointing at the right time.

In two hours, it will be clear what “they” want.


“I’ve been waiting.”

When Adelia and Ivan opened the door of the prayer room and entered, Eustaf, who had arrived earlier, welcomed the two.

Eustaf’s face was smeared with fatigue.

“Thank you for accepting my sudden request even though you must be busy.”

At Adelia’s voice, full of apologies, Eustaf smiled vaguely.

“No, I’m sure Adelia wanted to see me for a compelling reason.

And I’m your servant.

I’ll be happy if you call me anytime, even if there’s no reason.”

There was no pretense to what he said.

“I think this is enough for greetings.”

Ivan, who was listening to the conversation between the two, interrupted in an uneven voice.

Adelia just quietly swallowed a laugh as she could guess why he was distraught.

“Yes, everyone is busy, so we’d better get straight to the point.”

At Adelia’s words, Eustaf waited nervously for what she would say.

Adelia took a deep breath and asked, looking at Eustaf.


You’ve seen me use Vishna’s power before.”

“Yes, I certainly witnessed it with my own eyes.”

“And at once, you realized that it was Vishna’s power.”

Eustaf nodded silently.

It was definitely Vishna’s power.

It was impossible to touch time with any magic.

Time is God’s domain.

And it was an area that only Vishna could touch among the gods.

“Then is it known that humans can use Vishna’s power”

“When you say human, do you mean ‘the saint’”

“Yes, a saint or a person who is especially loved by God.”


Eustaf frowned and agonized.

He scrutinized the knowledge he had learned.

However, as Adelia said, there was no information that humans could use Vishna’s power.


It’s certainly unusual for Adelia to be able to touch time.

Maybe you’re the only one.

Interfering in the realm of God means that you have to endure the storm of causality.”

“Are you sure”

“I can be sure.

No one knows that Adelia can use the power of time.”

Adelia raised the corners of her mouth at Eustaf’s reply.

It’s clear now.

It is the divine power of the ‘real’ that they seek.

Adelia, convinced, moved her lips slowly with her eyes fixed on Eustaf.

“Maybe Hestine’s divine power is not hers.”


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