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Chapter 15

Lin Yihan smiled and then asked, “Senior, do you have a plan” 

Qin Zhou: “For what”

Lin Yi’s eyes lit up and said, “To look for the 7-7 Monster.”



Compared to looking for a few sheets of paper from the registration book containing the agreement, Lin Yi was more interested in finding the 7-7 Monster.

Qin Zhou had already noticed it early on.

Since entering the 7-7 Rule World, Lin Yi had always been curious, or perhaps it was better to say interested, in the 7-7 Monster. 

But even if he had noticed, he still couldn’t ask anything.

Qin Zhou said, “There’s no way.

When enough people die and the survivors are few enough, if the suspected target is among the survivors, we can take a gamble.”


Right now, the survivors, in addition to the two of them, were Cheng Yang, Xu Xiazhi, Li Ying, and Zhou Lingling.

7-7 Monster would never let the NPC find it.

The window of Xu Xiazhi’s bedroom in Room 308 has been opened, so the remaining suspects were Cheng Yang, Li Ying, and Zhou Lingling.

Although both he and Lin Yi suspected Cheng Yang, neither of  them were confident enough to rule him out either.


Lin Yi thought about it and asked, “Senior, how much is few enough”

Qin Zhou looked at Lin Yi, “Few enough that we have at least a 50-50 chance of success.”

Lin Yi: “Oh.”


That was to say, only when two out of the three — Cheng Yang, Li Ying, and Zhou Lingling — were left, that was when they could take the gamble. 

At this time, the windows of all three were closed.

They had no idea when they would be opened.

All they could do was wait.

But waiting in the 7-7 Rule World wasn’t safe.

It made Lin Yi a little frustrated.

He didn’t want to see the others die, especially Cheng Yang.

After all, Cheng Yang had asked Buddha to bless him not let him die.

Qin Zhou noticed Lin Yi, and instead of comforting him, he continued to worsen his concerns, “Even if we find the 7-7 Monster, our theory about the main line is just the very bare bones.

Using just an outline to go to 7-7 Monster for a Replay is also courting death.” 

Even if they already had a speculation about the main line, they still needed more evidence to prove their speculation.

Not only that, there were a lot more details that needed to be perfected.

Lin Yi was even more frustrated.

“Little genius.” Qin Zhou poked Lin Yi’s shoulder with his index finger and when he saw Lin Yi quickly retreat a step, he crooked his index finger at him.

“Want to do something” 

Lin Yi nodded.

He didn’t like waiting very much.

He felt like a sitting duck just waiting.

Qin Zhou proposed, “The duty room or the second floor.

Choose one.”


Lin Yi: “Huh”

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Hlc Itbe ibbxfv ja tlw.

“Ofa’r olii atf beailcf klat vfajlir.” 


Ktf veas gbbw.

Ktf biv vbgw wjcjufg rajgfv ja atf wbclabg.

Llr ybvs, qgfnlberis rb ralii, ralii revvfcis ifjcfv obgkjgv.

Llr fcalgf ojmf jiwbra ralmxlcu ab atf rmgffc.

Ssfyjiir tlvvfc ecvfg tlr tbbvfv ilvr rajgfv ja atf rwjii ybz ja ibkfg gluta mbgcfg bo atf rmgffc. 

A person appeared on this monitoring and the old dormitory man recognized him.

This was the one in Room 305!

This guy from Room 305 was on the second floor again! But this time he was alone.

His companion from Room 304 had gone to who knows where; ‘304’ wasn’t appearing in any of the surveillance.

But the old dorm manager didn’t have time to think about where ‘304’ went.

‘305’ had carried with him a chair.

The old dorm manager suddenly became nervous. 

What is he going to do What is this man going to do!

Before the old dormi manager could figure it out, the man picked up his chair and slammed into the door leading to the second floor corridor.

Damn it!

Only then did the old dorm manager react.

This person wanted to get into the second floor. 

He mustn’t!

They have an agreement! They’re were not suppose to enter the second floor!

The old dorm manager abruptly stood up and opened the duty room door.

This door was in the surveillance cameras’ blind spot and Lin Yi, who had been waiting outside, quickly dodged.

Later, he noticed to his surprise that the door to the duty room was left ajar in the old dorm manager’s angry haste to head to the second floor. 

Lin Yi didn’t think much about it and quickly entered the duty room.

He and Qin Zhou had searched every nook and cranny of this dorm building except for the second floor and the duty room.


The second floor was locked, obviously because the old dormitory didn’t want them to going there.

It wasn’t difficult to figure out that not going to the second floor must be one of the items in the agreement.

Last night, the old dorm manager killed Qu Jialiang and the rule of death stopped at ‘leaving your room at night’.

Just as Lin Yi used this ‘bug’ to look out the window, Qin Zhou, taking advantage of this same 'bug' was now fearlessly smashing the gate on the second floor. 

There were two possibilities for smashing the door.

The old dorm manager ignores it and Qin Zhou gains entry the second floor to find clues.

Or it attracts the attention of the old dorm manager and Lin Yi takes this opportunity to sneak into the duty room.

The current situation was the second possibility.

Lin Yi didn’t know how long Qin Zhou could stall.

His eyes quickly swept around the duty room. 

He then saw the surveillance monitor that the old dorm manager had left open.

The old dorm manager really was monitoring their every move.

With this monitoring, his and Qin Zhou’s speculation was now about 20% accurate.

However, this was far from enough.

Lin Yi quickly rummaged through the duty room.

The duty room was small and there weren’t many things in it but trying to locate the torn pages from the registration book was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Lin Yi saw piled of stacked documents in a corner and Lin Yi rummaged through it.

Most of the documents were purchase orders.

The purchased goods included vases but most of were white vinegar.

Lin Yi paused for a moment.

White vinegar contains acetic acid, which can produce a chemical reaction with calcium compounds in bones and dissolve them.

When the calcium in the bones is reduced, only the colloidal matter will remain and the bones will naturally grow soft.


The special ingredient that allowed for the vase girl to be stuffed into the vase must have been vinegar.

He continued to rummage and his attention was caught by a handwritten certificate.

It was a handwritten birth certificate that contained little information.

Only the gender and date of birth were written, along with the signature of the township health center that issued the certificate.

Gender: Female 

Born on July 1, 2000.

Lin Yi paused for a while.

He then pulled over that purchase order for the batches of white vinegar.

The date of the first white vinegar purchase order was July 5, 2000.

A thought flashed through Lin Yi’s mind but he promptly controlled his brain before his thought run wild once again. 

He had a lot of time to think about birth certificates and purchase orders but now clearly wasn’t the right time.

His main objective was to find the torn agreement from the registration book.

Lin Yi stuffed the purchase order and birth certificate into his pocket and then continued to rummage.


However, he didn’t manage to find anything.

He stopped and tried placing himself in the position of the old dorm manager.

The purpose of the registration was evidently to seal an agreement that they could be told about.

But since they’ve already signed their names, this agreement was no longer some obscure secret. 

If he was an the old dorm manager, he might re-paste the torn pages on the registration book, so that the agreement was presented in black and white.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi thought back to when the old dorm manager entered the duty room on their first day.

After the old dorm manager entered the duty room, he immediately pushed open the window and held out the registration book for everyone to sign.

It seemed to have taken no time at all for him to come out with the registration book.

Lin Yi raised his head and looked to the window of the duty room. 

This window was tinted a dark gree.

No matter how good Lin Yi’s eyesight was, he hadn’t been able to see through this glass into the duty room.

He went up and tried to slide the window open.

This push made him realize that something was wrong.

The window rails were very thick and one of the windows was overlapping!

As soon as he pushed, the registration book fell from between overlapping windows and landed in front of his eyes. 

The force with which the registration book fell, made it fall open.

The torn pages had indeed been reattached by the old dorm manager.

Lin Yi glanced at it and saw something he hadn’t seen the first night.

Accommodation Agreement 

Leaving the building is not allowed.Leaving one’s room at night is not allowed.Entering the second floor is not allowed.…

Before Lin Yi could finish reading, he suddenly raised his head.

He could hear a conversation from outside.

It was coming the second floor landing.

Qin Zhou said loudly, “The toilet on the third floor is full of blood.

Can’t I go to the second floor to pee”

This was Qin Zhou’s warning to Lin Yi and Lin Yi quickly put the registration book back in place.

After doing this, he made his way to the door to leave but the door suddenly slammed shut from the outside. 

It was followed by the sound of the reverse lock.

He was locked in.


Qin Zhou’s voice prompting Lin Yi to leave continued, “Then find a way to clean the toilet on the third floor.

It’s full of blood.

Who the hell would dare use that toilet”

Lin Yi’s heart jumped, and he stared at the door.

“Who is it” 

Actually, there was no need to ask.

Qin Zhou was still dealing with the old dorm manager which meant that although the old dorm manager was on his way back, he still had yet to arrive.

The old dorm manager was still being blocked by Qin Zhou.

Moreover, Qin Zhou had deliberately smashed against the second floor gate once again, giving Lin Yi enough time to erase his tracks before leaving the duty room.

So, the only one who could have locked him in the duty room was…

The 7-7 Monster. 

Outside the duty room, the lights in the hall dragged the shadow of the 7-7 Monster onto the glass window.

It stood outside the glass window and held up the chopstick it had sharpened to a point.

If Lin Yi opens the window to look at it, it could guarantee that it was going to stab this chopstick right through Lin Yi’s eye socket.

“Lin Yi Xiong.” The Monster imagined that scene and pursed its lips in excitement.

It said, “It’s me.”

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