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Today, in the usual waiting room, Serious-senpai is reading the 13th Volume of “I was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World is at Peace”.

A little further away from her, was relaxing with a cup of choccy milk in hand, although it was unclear how she drinks it in her stuffed costume.

After concentrating on the book for a while, Serious-senpai closed the book with a grim expression on her face.



[……Sweet, spicy.

But whats most terrifying is that we have yet to hear about his lovers among the Six Kings yet.

It rather feels like things are going to accelerate even further from here on out.]

[Of course, it would.

I mean, the Six Kings Festival was originally planned with Kuro-san wanting to go on a date with Kaito-san as a motive, so of course, there would be lots of flirting scenes incoming.]

[This sense of hopelessness from knowing whats about to come……]



While Serious-senpai looked up to the heavens, concerned about the future developments, placed a cup of choccy milk in front of her.

Serious-senpai isnt very fond of sweet stuff, but when offered one like this, she feels uncomfortable refusing, so she holds the choccy milk in hand and drinks it.

Of course, knew that Serious-senpai would have a hard time rejecting that choccy milk given to her, so she made it as sweet as she could.



[……Sweet…… By the way, the schedule, or rather, the order for the events in the Six Kings Festival seems to have been changed from the Web Novel.

If I remember correctly, the Third Day of the festival was originally Isis turn, right]

[Yes, thats right.

The Six Kings Festival arc itself is the longest arc in the entire series, so it seems that they were finding it difficult to find a place to divide it.]

[Ahh~~ I see, it would be difficult to cut Isis story in the middle and continue it to the next volume huh……]

[Other than that, theres also that reason for moving Isis-sans arc to the next volume.

If theyre going to publish Isis-sans festival date, Im sure the readers would want illustrations included with it, so it seems like theyre making adjustments for that as well.]

[I see, I guess thats the only thing they could do when it comes to the Light Novel, which has page limits……]



After continuing their leisurely conversation, Serious-senpai suddenly looked as if she had just thought of something.



[That being said, a nice serious flag has been erected! I like the feeling that the Last Boss finally making her move, conducting secret maneuvers behind the sight of others.]

[……Isnt that still quite a while away Time-wise, that would be the end of the year, right]

[If so, that means were getting closer and closer to the precious seriously serious content! I can feel my expectations rising!]

[……No, Im just wondering.

For arguments sake, if there really were seriously serious developments…… What will you do at that time, Serious-senpai]



The moment she heard s words, Serious-senpai stopped moving.



[Eh Youre seriously gonna ask such a philosophical question]

[Philosophical No, its just a normal question.]

[Of course, if things get serious, I, the Incarnation of Seriousness, will be busy, wont I]



Hearing Serious-senpais answer, put her hand on the chin of her stuffed costume and tilted her head.



[……But Serious-senpai.]


[There have already been a few serious developments in the past…… In the end, you were just complaining in the waiting room when that happened, and werent able to go outside this room, right]




This room, where Serious-senpai and is currently located, is the “waiting room for the children treated as unwanted in the main story”.

The fact that she hasnt been able to leave this room in the past even when serious development has occurred proves that even if the main story turns out to have serious development…… Serious-senpais situation wont change.



[You…… Talking about…… realistic matters like that…… Stop that.]



Serious-senpais agony still continues……


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