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I don’t have much time to write today, so today’s chapter is a little short.













It has been a few days since the intense Maid Olympia event, and I spent the last few days relaxing and not going out much, perhaps because the Maid Olympia had been too intense, or perhaps, to relieve the mental fatigue I suffered that day.

I spent most of the time playing with Bell and Lynn.

Sela, Sieg-san’s pet, is also usually with Bell and Lynn.

Sieg-san would also come to take care of Sela during breaks, so I had many opportunities to talk with Sieg-san, and at such a time, Sieg-san made a certain suggestion.



[Kaito-san, would you like to go out on my upcoming day off]

[Ahh, that sounds great.

Where should we go]

[Errr, actually, there’s this event……]



I nodded immediately to Sieg-san’s suggestion to go out together.

There’s no reason for me to refuse in the first place, and since you could call this a date invitation, it makes me happy instead.

When I asked back while thinking so, Sieg-san took out a flier and handed it to me.

When I checked it out……



“A Large Gathering of Rare Monsters! Limited Time Only Connection Event”



The flier had this written in the headline, and when I checked the contents, I found that it was an event held in Archlesia Empire, where you can directly interact with monsters that are popular as pets and monsters that usually participate in Monster Races.

I see, I could see why Sieg-san, who loves animals, would like this event, and this would be a unique event in the Archlesia Empire, which has close ties with Magnawell-san.



[Heehhh…… That sounds interesting.

I’m interested in the monsters in the Monster Race, but I’m also interested in the monsters that are popular as pets.

I’ve heard that Slimes are popular pets to keep……]

[Slimes are easy to keep because they only need water to feed and are very friendly.

Speaking of popularity, the popular ones would be the Animal-type monsters, and other than that, there are the Dragons.

Well, the Dragons are indeed very popular, but they’re also very expensive, so they’re only for the wealthy.]

[I see, I certainly do see some Animal-shaped monsters on the streets sometimes.

I almost never see someone with a Dragon pet around though……]



In fact, the difference between monsters and animals is whether or not they have magic power, so there are many monsters that look like ordinary dogs and cats.

Of course, there are some monsters that are clearly deformed and some that are impossibly huge……



[Anyway, it sounds like fun, so let’s go there on your next day off, Sieg-san.]



[Unfortunately, it looks like pets aren’t allowed here, so you can’t come along, Bell.

The same goes for the others too.]




Bell was looking so adorable as she was clearly disappointed by my answer, and just consoling her like that makes me feel sorry for her, so I decided to go a little farther for our stroll today.

I have some time to kill, and I think there’s a hill with a great view just outside the South Gate, so I guess we’ll extend our stroll up there.














Serious-senpai : [Kuh…… Next up is Sieg huh.]

: [Seems like it would be a Sieg Arc.]


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