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Unfortunately, Tian Xin’s call was not heard, and he never appeared.

Tian Xin was pushed and escorted into the village of the Bear Clan.

The male and female orcs in the village were curious, came out of their homes, and gathered around to stare and point.


Finally, Tian Xin was pushed to stand in front of a wooden house occupying a large area.

The leader of the orcs went forward and knocked on the door.

A taller orc came out from inside immediately afterward, and the leader of the orcs whispered something to him.

The taller orc was very happy and glanced at Tian Xin a few times.


Then he asked aloud to the orcs, “Males who do not have a mate yet, which of you would like to have this fertile female”


The crowd of onlookers started talking, and from time to time, a few figures emerged from the group, shouting, “I do, I do.”


Tian Xin was so scared that she was about to cry.

She hugged the baby tightly and stood shivering in place.

Tian Xin didn’t want; she didn’t want other orcs to touch her, and she couldn’t accept anyone other than Ryan.

No, no …


Tian Tian also seemed to feel her mother’s fear and cried aloud.

The crowd quieted down at once, followed by the sound of a door opening.

Then a lazy voice rang out, “What are you doing, so noisy”


Tian Xin heard a familiar voice and could not help but look up.

She did not expect to see Philo, who also happened to see her.

The tall orc beside her took her into his arms for a moment and gently asked in her ear, “Why don’t you get more sleep We woke you up, huh”


Philo slapped his big sticky hand away, pointed to Tian Xin, and asked, “Nita, what’s going on here”


The tall orc called Nita briefly told the story of how he caught Tian Xin and how he would handle it.

Philo immediately shrieked, “No, she’s my savior.

I told you once that she saved my life.

You can’t do this to her.” Philo said as she walked to Tian Xin’s side and shielded her behind her.


It turned out that after being released by Tian Xin, Philo did not dare to return to the Fox Clan.

She ran in the dark and did not expect to enter the Bear Clan’s territory.

She became the mate of the Bear Clan Chief Nita with a little effort and did not expect to see Tian Xin here.


Tian Xin was relieved to hear her say so and looked at Philo gratefully.

The Bear Clan Chief Nita listened to his partner say this and was in a difficult spot.

He frowned.

A female arrived quickly in the clan, and if Nita said he would let her go, the clan would definitely be dissatisfied.

But if he gave her to a male orc, Philo would be angry.

It was really difficult for him.


So, he had to keep the matter down and let Tian Xin live in the village first.

After that, he would let those male orcs who wanted her to be their partner do their own work.

If she agreed to it, Philo would have nothing to say.


Philo did not feel comfortable that Tian Xin would live alone and insisted that she live at their house, and Nita could not resist and had to agree.

Philo then arranged for her and Tian Tian in another room of their home.


Tian Xin spent the day and night and was scared.

Her body and spirit were exhausted, and after a simple freshening up, she lay down on the bed with Tian Tian in her arms and fell asleep in a short time.


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