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Once again, Liu Chen was delayed, but it was all necessary.

Liu Chen hurried to the private box of a restaurant.

According to Liu Chen’s investigation, there is no concrete evidence, but he can guess that Shao Fei is 80% likely not to be Shao Yuanlong’s child.

Liu Chen was still in a hurry to see Shao Fei.

Ah Dang sent a message that the little guy had not eaten since he returned.

The previous kiss seemed to stimulate the little one too much.

Now he just wants to solve these things as soon as possible so that he can go back to cajoling people.

Hearing Liu Chen’s categorical inference, Yao Feifei turned pale.

After glancing at Wu Lianggang, who was glacial nearby, she looked at Liu Chen, who had thoroughly investigated her over the years.

Since she came here this time, she decided to be honest: “yes, he is Xie Jiang’s child.

When I met him, I was young and impulsive and did a lot of wicked things.

He has a lot of records and evidence of me on his side, so I have to work for him.”

Xie Jiang is the current owner of the Xie family and the father of Xie Yun.

The one Shen Banqing was involved with.

Wu Lianggang didn’t know this either.

When they investigated, they also inferred from clues.

However, they had limited clues, along with Yao Feifei covering things up, it was impossible to know the real details.

Yao Feifei is not so easy to be fooled.

This time, if she hadn’t been still in love with Wu Lianggang and tired of what she has done over the years, it would be impossible to tell them everything cleanly.

Wu Lianggang, who has always used objective analysis, suddenly mocked, “you look like you enjoyed it.” It refers to Yao Feifei’s romantic relationships in recent years.

“Whether to enjoy or not is not the point.

How can people take me lightly if I don’t indulge myself” Feeling the scornful look of the other party, she suddenly raised her head and said, “yes, so what, I enjoyed it, so what, my life is ruined, and it’s because of you, do you still care!”

There was a flash of water in her eyes and Wu Lianggang was stunned and looked away in silence.

He rubbed the paper with his hand.

Liu Chen seemed oblivious to their surging undercurrents.

He said, “Shao Yuanlong knew the truth long ago, so he treated Shao Fei like that.”

Yao Feifei just found a pick-up man, Shao Yuanlong.

Judging from the previous information, Shao Yuanlong was good to Shao Fei when he was sober, but he would go crazy every time he was drunk.

Because after getting drunk, he lost his reason.

No one can stand it.

It’s good that he raised Shao Fei morally, but domestic violence was another issue.

“Maybe.” Yao Feifei stated that she doesn’t have much affection for her son.

So when it comes to this, even if she feels guilty, she doesn’t want to show weakness in front of outsiders.

Bang, a loud noise.

Liu Chen directly kicked over the chair in front of him.

There was no lack of disgust and anger.

He asked fiercely, “do you still deserve to be a mother You left your child in that kind of home! You know what kind of life he had.

He was on the verge of death several times!”

Liu Chen, an outsider, looks more like a relative than Yao Feifei.

Yao Feifei wondered why he cared so much about Shao Fei, who had nothing to do with himself.

“Why did you help the child”

Liu Chen laughed angrily: “it has nothing to do with you.” His liver aches with anger.

“Yao Feifei, you don’t deserve him calling you mother.” A selfish woman like you is not a mother.

And no one has the right to choose their own parents.

Thinking of those reports, he was indifferent before, but now they were an eyesore.

If Shao Fei didn’t care about this only remaining relative, he would like to send her to reunite with Shao Yuanlong.

Yao Feifei lowered her head.

She also knew she mistreated Shao Fei.

Liu Chen calmed down his anger after a moment.

The events were a;ready in the past.

He needs to minimise the losses.

This is his future mother-in-law in the end.

He still has to maintain her image in front of Shao Fei.

Even if there is no image at all, as she has almost destroyed it by herself, at least Shao Fei cannot be exposed to the more cruel truth.

“After you sign this agreement, I will take full charge of the following matters for you.

You can get rid of Xie Jiang’s control.” Liu Chen is tired of seeing Yao Feifei and doesn’t want to say any more.

He asked Wu Lianggang to pass the document to Yao Feifei.

He can’t trust Yao Feifei’s fickle character and will be most relieved to have it printed in black and white.

After handling the incident, Liu Chen did not stay much longer.

Just when he was walking out, Yao Feifei suddenly asked, “Will you tell Xiao Fei who his biological father is”

Liu Chen almost laughed from anger.

Do you still treat him as your son Why don’t you ask me about something you don’t know

However, Liu Chen still gave the answer: “he has the Liu family.” It’s enough for him to have me, as family or whatever else he wants.

Shao Fei’s temper, he would be eaten up by Xie Yun down to the bone.

It would be better to bury this matter forever.

Hearing Liu Chen’s promise, Yao Feifei felt relieved.

She is not completely indifferent to her son.

Yao Feifei kept her head down after signing the agreement.

At this time, she showed her original personality.

Tears fell on the mobile phone in transparent drops.

Silently she sent a wechat message to Shao Fei: I’ll find you a reliable stepfather.

Do you agree

This time, she began to ask her son for advice.

After sorting out the documents, Wu Lianggang didn’t look at Yao Feifei and got up to leave.

When passing by Yao Feifei, the corner of his clothes was held by Yao Feifei, with some hesitation and pitifulness: “Can you… stay Just for a while…”

Wu Lianggang paused.

On his expressionless face, there seemed to be no human emotion, but he did not attempt to leave again.

The first throbbing of youth is still unforgettable until now.

Even if she knew how bad she was.

Yao Feifei held the corner of his clothes and wept silently.

Shao Fei was lying in bed with his eyes closed as if he were asleep.

After knowing the truth just now, he never went out again since returning to the house and stayed in this posture.

The light on the mobile phone screen suddenly flashed.

Shao Fei slowly opened his eyes and saw Yao Feifei’s words.

He thought for a while and typed: OK.

Then he thought that Yao Feifei rarely sent a message for his opinion.

He remembered her occasional helplessness and added: make sure he’s reliable.

He didn’t expect to get a reply so soon for once: this time, he’s very reliable.

Shao Fei replied and closed his eyes again, like a corpse.

“… Fei, Xiao Fei…” the familiar voice of the system came from his head, but the signal was intermittent.

“System” Shao Fei summoned up his strength.

If he doesn’t press the emergency button, the system will not contact him actively unless it is…

“Just now this world almost collapsed, and the signal transmission was poor.

I tried to contact you for a long time, but now it is stable.

Generally, after the ending is reached, the existence of those not of this plane including me will be excluded, so… Congratulations, the ending has been reached!”

In the end, Shao Fei, who had already guessed, was still smashed by this fact.

He had just experienced a series of changes and could not distinguish what he had heard for a moment.

“Is this the end” He asked the system.

The question was too obvious.

“Was there a major turning point” The system is also amazed.

It hasn’t had time to rewatch the events.

Because when they were in contact not long ago, the male lead didn’t follow the plot at all and coveted their maintainer.

That pervert just didn’t play cards according to the rules.

In fact, the system is particularly shocked that the ending can be reached so quickly.

This is among the top three in difficulty among all the novel worlds.

The male lead here would rather explode the plane than reach the ending.

He is recognised as a monster within them systems.

The system immediately called up the video, and when it saw the latest scene, it seemed to understand something.

Sure enough, he coveted their maintainers for a long time, but I actually took action! Son of a bitch!

This is the only remaining maintainer with the best temper!

According to the system, how evi; Liu Chen is, is how good Shao Fei is.

“Shao Fei, do you still remember that the male lead in this world didn’t kiss the female lead until the end of the plot”

“Remember.” Shao Fei looked depressed.

Rather than being dull, it is better to say that it is depression after seeing the truth.

The whole person is soft, and now Shao Fei doesn’t want to believe anything, nor does he want to see Liu Chen.

“That’s right.

This is an opportunity in the original plot.

You took this opportunity.

Oh, I know it was the pervert who forcibly made it happen.

You don’t have to blame yourself.

So the world balance has been turbulent, but that’s not the main reason.

The focus is on the male lead.

You also know that Lu Chen has deleted files and started over ninety-nine times.

His soul power is very strong, and he can even influence the world.

It seems that because he got your kiss just now, he… “

Shao Fei interrupted the system before it finished.

He looked warily at the door and suddenly said, “wait, I feel like he’s coming! You can talk to me later!”

“That’s all right.

I’ll explain later.

Anyway, we’ve already cleared the customs.” The system also breathed a sigh of relief, and it needs to further analyse the outcome so that administrators can better integrate, “But Shao Fei, you only have one night.

You and I will be excluded by the will of the world tonight, I’m not sure about the specific time.

As long as the world has a final outcome, it will be stable.

We are all outsiders and are not protected by it.

We won’t stay long.

You should hurry up if you want to say goodbye.”

“I see.”

Shao Fei stood up and looked at the door.

He didn’t turn on the light, but silently felt the person standing outside the door.

Then went back to bed.

He didn’t know how to deal with Liu Chen, who was able to calculate one moment and pretend to comfort himself the next.

Liu Chen was indeed outside.

He asked his kitchen uncle to make some food, all of which were Shao Fei’s favourite dishes packed in a thermos box.

However, after what happened today, where he held that person in his arms and kissed him for so long, if Shao Fei still wanted to pay attention to him, it would be strange.

Liu Chen hesitated rarely and did not knock for a long time.

At this time, he received a call from Luo Yufei.

Luo Yufei was a little uneasy when he thought of the question Shao Fei had asked.

Although he didn’t reveal anything, he still decided to give Liu Chen a heads up after thinking for a long time.

“You were drunk that day.

Didn’t I take you back to my house Just now glutinous rice, for some reason, asked me if you were drunk that day.

Did you hide something from him Let me tell you, your glutinous rice is carefree, but if you play tricks on him and he finds out, be careful.” He reminded Liu Chen.

Liu Chen thought of the incident mentioned by bodyguard ah Dang just now.

It seemed that Shao Fei passed the security guard when he was shopping.

After they talked, he suddenly went home.

Could it be that the irrelevant security guard actually revealed something 

Damn it!

Liu Chen dialled Shao Fei’s number again.

There is no sound in the room.

Even the room is dark.

Liu Chen’s heart sank.

He knew Shao Fei was inside.

Shao Fei pulled him onto the blacklist!

He must have found out.

If it was just a kiss, he could coax Shao Fei back slowly.

With this, things are different.

Liu Chen never thought he could keep it from Shao Fei forever.

His little fellow is very sensitive and it was undecided when he would find out.

But that would be when they are honest and stable, not this inopportune time!

He knew that it was almost impossible to recover Shao Fei this time.

Liu Chen knocked directly at the door, and the phone continued to ring.

Unsruprisingly no response, no answer.

Liu Chen also has a backup key.

He directly opened the door.

He had a spare key because he asked Wu Lianggang for one.

This apartment was rented by the Liu family.

In the past, Shao Fei’s consent was asked for the sake of politeness.

Now it is an emergency.

Of course, it is disregarded.

Shao Fei was lying in bed trying to ignore the guest, when he heard the sound of the door unlocking.

His ears moved and heart beat faster.

A little nervous.

Fortunately, the door was not locked.

Liu Chen came in quietly.

Turning on the light to find Shao Fei is not in the living room.

When he found Liu Chen at the door, Shao Fei went back to bed and pretended to sleep.

So when Liu Chen came in to check, he saw Shao Fei sleeping.

Liu Chen relaxed a little.

As long as he was there, he would not be hopeless.

Putting down the packed thermos box, he watched Shao Fei’s sleeping face in the moonlight streaming in.

Shao Fei’s heart was pounding, but he didn’t open his eyes.

He should have argued with Liu Chen, but at this moment, he suddenly did not want to argue.

He is about to be excluded from the world.

Why should he argue with Liu Chen at the last moment

It’s better to leave quietly.

Liu Chen walked to the bed and lay on it.

He hugged Shao Fei carefully from behind.

He held him gently, not daring to wake Shao Fei.

He closed his eyes slowly and apologised softly: “I’m sorry…”

Shao Fei did not move.

He trembled at Liu Chen’s words.

I have no foundation to believe you.

We have always been people from two worlds, and we are completely different in character and everything else.

You should stay in this world that belongs to you.

You are the king here.

I also have my journey.

At this time, a peaceful separation is the most suitable for us.

Liu Chen noticed something.

He felt Shao Fei’s slight tremor and asked, “are you awake”

Shao Fei was about to open his mouth when he saw a sudden darkness.

The author has something to say: Xiao Luzi woke up the next day and went crazy ~ ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

There is still a short chapter for this world~

Don’t worry about abuse.

They transmigrate  together.

After 99 times of tempering, xiao Luzi’s soul is very… Fierce.

In all respects, enmmmm

If the bellwether stock company is struggling, then there’s a chance that the whole industry or sector is struggling. 


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