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Sister Chen had just finished a phone call and turned around to see Jiang Qin’s anxiety.

She hurriedly calmed her down, “Xiao Qin, your character is clear to everyone in the company.

Now you must remain calm.

The most important thing we need to do is to make a clarification.

The company is already contacting Jiang’s side, and we must also respond on our end and not confuse ourselves.”


“Okay, I understand, Sister Chen.” Jiang Qin nodded nervously.


Sister Chen sent Jiang Qin home safely and didn’t forget to remind her, “Stay at home and rest these days.

Never go out freely.

Contact me by phone if anything happens.”


After Sister Chen left, Jiang Qin sat distracted for a while.

She suddenly remembered that she hadn’t explained this to Su Yunluo.

What if she misunderstood


Thinking of this, she hurriedly dialed Su Yunluo’s phone number and got through in a few seconds.

“Sister Luo Luo.”


“Xiao Qin, what’s wrong” Su Yunluo’s voice was gentle.


Jiang Qin hurriedly explained, “Sister Luo Luo, you must not believe the reports on the Internet.

They are all false.

How can Jiang and I have a relationship”


Jiang Qin explained the matter from beginning to end and said, “Sister Luo Luo, you must believe me.

You are my best friend.

How could I lie to you”


“I know, I know what kind of person you are.

How could Xiao Qin, who is so kind, do something wrong to me The media love to say what they say.

Things will definitely work out in the end, and you should not worry too much.” Su Yunluo, in turn, comforted her.


“Sister Luo Luo, I’m sorry.

After such a thing, you have to comfort me in turn.” Jiang Qin spoke emotionally.


“Idiot, we are good friends.” Su Yunluo smiled.


The next day, Jiang Qin’s agency and Jiang Hanfei’s studio Weibo came out to clarify and also put up a lawyer’s letter stating that they would sue those who were the source of the rumors.


At the same time, Jiang Qin showed a photo of the three of them on set.

The crew also showed behind-the-scenes pictures of the scene, saying that their director and the director’s wife had a good relationship and that there was no need for people to worry.


Netizens woke up to the fact that they were fooled.

All the photos were real and were maliciously chosen for their angles.

Su Yunluo often visited the set and was a good friend of Jiang Qin.

How could Jiang Qin and Jiang Hanfei have anything


The netizens felt cheated and ran to @Mr.

Nameless’s Weibo to curse.

The blogger couldn’t bear the pressure, so the person came out and apologized.

He was later sued, apologized in court, and paid a large sum, which was the end of the matter.


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