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Things came to an end.

With only one month left before the movie’s release, Jiang Hanfei took the cast and crew to major shows to promote the film’s release.


On the first day of the movie’s release, it exceeded 300 million yuan; on the fifth day, it surpassed one billion yuan.

The cast and crew held a celebration banquet to celebrate the box office success, which was small in scale but very warm.


By the time Jiang Hanfei returned home, it was already eleven o’clock at night.

The light in the living room was on when he opened the door.

Jiang Hanfei walked over with slightly unsteady steps and saw Su Yunluo leaning on the sofa and asleep.

It looked like she was waiting for him.


Seeming to notice someone was looking at her, Su Yunluo opened her eyes in a daze.

“Hmm, you’re back.” She got up and smelled alcohol on Jiang Hanfei’s body.

“Why did you drink so much”


“I was happy today and had a few more drinks.” Jiang Hanfei spoke in a warm voice, still sober.


“I’m going to make you a sobering soup,” said Su Yunluo, about to go to the kitchen.



Need to.

You will be enough,” said Jiang Hanfei, picking her up horizontally.


“Ah!” Su Yunluo exclaimed, “What is this for”


Jiang Hanfei smiled and did not answer her.

He placed her steadily on the bed, and his body pressed down on her.

He held her head and kissed her on the lips.



Don’t.” Su Yunluo avoided him by tilting her head.


“Luo Luo be good.

Accompany me with doing a little exercise to help me sober up.” Jiang Hanfei pestered the woman and would not let go.



This is.

What kind of sobering is this.


You haven’t taken a shower,” Su Yunluo spoke with difficulty.

She wanted to push the man away but could not exert her strength.


“We’ll wash together when we’re done.

I haven’t touched you for a few days, and I miss it so much.” Jiang Hanfei’s voice brought a hint of aggravation.


Hearing the man say this, Su Yunluo’s heart instantly softened.

She gave up struggling and let him.


The man’s hot and wet tongue probed into the woman’s soft mouth, seeking her soft tongue and sucking unrestrainedly.

The woman responded to his kiss, and their lips and tongues met.

A strand of silver wire was left too late to swallow and trailed out along the corner of her mouth, leaving a lascivious line.


Jiang Hanfei’s hand touched the fullness of her breasts.

The woman was not wearing a bra; it was soft and smooth and seemed bigger than ever.


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