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The man introduced himself first, "My last name is Gu and my family came from Changhe Village.

Everyone calls me Gu Da, you can also do so." After a brief introduction, Gu Da started to explain their purpose, "We came here because we want you to arrange a banquet for us.

My son is getting married by next month.

Please help us, Chef Li.

Changhe Village Where was that She doesn't even know where it is so how did this couple know her Li Hehua is confused and didn't dare to rashly agree.

She then asked, "Uncle Gu, how did you know me I have never been to your village."

"We have heard of you from our neighbors.

We have actually gone to Zhou Laogen but the result is unpleasant.

Our neighbor then recommended you to me.

She said that she has some relatives in Lianhua Village and she had tasted your cooking.

She said that it was very delicious and that they are several streets away from Zhou Laogen's.

She said to look for you so we came and ask about you.

We are here to invite you to prepare the banquet."

Li Hehua was stunned.

It turned out to be the case. This neighbor had probably eaten her cooking at Wang Laotou's place.

In that case, there's no problem in doing so.

But before agreeing, she still needs to make it clear about the price involved.

She has to ask the distance first and collect the money according to the distance.

It is not enough to charge the original price for a far place.

So Li Hehua asked, "Uncle Gu, Aunt Gu, how long does it take for your family to get here"

Gu Da thought for a moment and then replied, "It takes about an hour and a half to walk directly from my house."

Such distance was quite far for Li Hehua.

It took most of the day to come and go.

She had to walk there at dawn to avoid delaying the preparation of the banquet.

She decided to charge eight cents for a table.

Li Hehua decided to talk to the couple about the price first, "Uncle Gu, Auntie Gu, there is no problem in helping you prepare the banquet, but I have to tell you the price in advance.

You can see if you can agree with it."

"Your home is quite far from here.

I'll waste most of my time on the road to come and go so I have to charge eight wen for a table.

Think about the price first and I'll go if you can agree with it."

"What Eight wen.." The couple was shocked upon hearing the price.

Didn't they say that five wen was charged for one table They came to look for her because they found out that not only does she cooks delicious food, but the price she offers was also cheap.

Why did it become eight wen per table when they got here

Gu Da said hesitantly: "This...

I heard that you seems to charge five wen a table before Why are you asking us for eight wen" Could it be that Chef Li is the same as Zhou Laogen Is it a sit-down price

(TN: No idea what he meant by sit-down price.

Tried to translate it many times but can't get it Orz.

Please forgive me.



Li Hehua knew that they must have inquired about the price she had charged before.

It is normal to have this question now so she explained to them seriously, "I indeed charge five wen per table before, but those places are close to where I stay.

I won't be delayed except for the day of the banquet so I offer five wen as usual.

However, I have to spend most of the day just traveling to a distant place, which means I can't do any other work for the day.

If I charge for just five wen, I will lose out so why should I accept this Don't you think so"

"This..." The husband and wife knew that what she said was reasonable, but this is additional three wen ah. It is eight wen a table, they are quite reluctant.

Seeing that the two were hesitating, Li Hehua didn't force it.

She smiled and said, "Uncle and auntie, you should go back and think about it.

If it is acceptable then I'll do it for you."

The couple couldn't decide for a while and also wanted to go back and think about it.

They followed Li Hehua's words and stood up, "Then we'll go back to discuss it first."

Li Hehua politely sent the two out.

She didn't care whether this business was successful or not.

If it was successful, then she will do it.

If not, she will continue to sell her pastries without delaying earning money.

Seeing that people have left, Cao Simei continue to burn the fire for Li Hehua and said, "Da meizi, I'll be honest.

Your cooking is really delicious and in fact, I don't think that it is expensive to charge eight wen for it because it is worth it.

However, it's understandable that the villagers can't accept it at once.

Before you came, Zhou Laogen offers five wen for a table so it is quite normal to hesitate."

Of course Li Hehua knew this, "Da jie, I know that, but as you can see, I can also earn money just from selling pastries.

Going to a far place just to prepare a banquet will make people tired and the money I make is not as much as what I earned from selling pastries.

Isn't quite stupid of me if I do it So I decided to charge eight wen a table for far places.

If people find it expensive then there's nothing I can do about it."

Cao Simei felt that Li Hehua's words were very reasonable.

She also wouldn't be stupid enough to only charge five wen a table, that would be a loss.

"But meizi ah, if you think about it carefully, the host won't suffer a loss even if you charge eight wen a table.

I won't talk about Zhou Laogen's cooking skills but just talk about the price.

Zhou Laoge indeed charged five wen a table but he has a big temper and ask for so many additional thinks.

If you won't give what he asked, she won't do the job.

Adding those up, the price may be more than eight wen." 

Li Hehua raised his eyebrows and declined to comment on Zhou Laogen's approach.

Cao Simei continued: "Actually if you want me to choose, I will choose you.

You don't ask for additional things, you have a good attitude, and the dishes you cook are delicious.

It's stupid to choose Zhou Laogen instead of you. 

Li Hehua smiled, "Forget it. Da jie it's up to others to decide who to choose.

If they ask me to serve the guests, then I'll do my best.

It doesn't matter if they don't ask me."

Cao Simei nodded in approval.

After saying that, Li Hehua choose to forget about it and concentrated on making pastries.

As a result, when she and Cao Simei came back after selling the pastries the next day, they saw Gu Da and his wife again.


2nd part will be posted tomorrow.


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