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The Slave Owner Chapter Twenty-seven; Love At First Sight

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The cold breeze hit her, she inhales the fresh air and then breathed out. The feeling of freedom, even though it won last long.

"This is so good" Freya giggled, jumping on her feet. To be outside of that house, her room does feel good, but she wished she never had to go to that place again or get married to the prince.

"No, Freya" She slapped her cheeks. "Don think about it, just enjoy your hours of freedom" She looked back and saw her maid chatting with the cooks son Johnny. They were so engrossed with their conversation, that they had no time for her.

She sighed and rolled her eyes, this was supposed to be her moment for freedom. But they have been talking since he helps them escape from her house, by hiding them in the cart.

She still tried to understand them, since Johnny helped them but their talks are taking too long and she feared they might end up using all her free time if she stays with them.

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