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Chapter 26: The Butterfly Effect



And they made me sit upright, naked, under the bed.


Ayane-san, who had changed into her loungewear, looked at me and Rino alternately, with a  troubled expression.


“Why was Kenichi-kun doing something indecent with my mother”




“Say it now.”


“I… I didn’t think Ayane-san would be Rino’s mother.”


I kept my head down and glanced at Rino sitting on the bed.

Then I could see her pants peeking out from inside her skirt.


Top pink.


No, what the h**l am I looking at


“Um, Rino.”




“Do you know Kenichi-kun”


“We’re in the same class at the same school.”




Ahh, I’m screwed.




I told Rino everything that had happened.


That I saved Ayane-san, and then we had a relationship that we shouldn’t have.


“… You saved my mom.

Thank you so much for that.

I’ll be sure to repay you later.”




“But I don’t agree with this! She’s a mother who gave birth to me, an old lady you know…”


“But, she looks like she’s just in her mid-twenties.”


As I spoke with an impassioned look on my face, Ayane-san blushed at me.


“Ara, Kenichi-kun~”


“Mom! What are you embarrassed about”


“Because Kenichi-kun is a wonderful man…”


Ayane-san was very excited from the moment I told Rino what had happened.

Probably since I mentioned the fire incident, since she began to squirm, saying things like “Haa… that time Kenichi-kun was so…”.





Rino narrowed her eyes and gave her own mother a jittery look.


I mean, I lied about my age, did she really forget about that fact


Rino asked with a straight face as she walked over to Ayane-san, who was sitting next to me on the floor.


“What are you going to do with Kenichi-kun from now on”


“I mean.





“Don’t you want a new daddy”


“What are you talking about” x2


Me and Rino said in perfect harmony.


Seriously, don’t even joke about that.


Well, it can’t be helped I guess.

Just a few minutes ago, Ayane-san and I were having intense intercourse after all.

We just finished, so there’s still at least half an hour of post-coital reverie, which is making her body twitch.


In other words, Ayane-san isn’t in the right mind now.


And the words that come out of her mouth are…


“I’m going to continue as long as it’s okay with you, Kenichi-kun”




Suddenly, the color of these mother and daughter’s eyes changed and they looked at each other for a moment.


It was as if they were rivals, and every time their gazes collided with each other, they were crackling with electricity.




At the Cafe.


The Hiragi mother and daughter, who look like sisters, were having a chat at a certain café.


“And you know what I’m doing really great!”


“Yuna, you’re always sarcastic towards men.”


“… I won’t do that sort of thing anymore, and, well, I’d say worse to any scum other than Kenichi.”


“Heh, so his name’s Kenichi.”


“Yes! Kenichi Kudo! He may look a little old, but he’s much kinder than the good-looking ones, and he protects me.”




“What’s wrong, Mama”


Natsuko frowned and made a thoughtful gesture, and her daughter Yuna tilted her head.






“Do you know the LINE account of that Kenichi Kudo guy”


“Oh, we exchanged it the other day~ we communicate almost every day.”


“Let me see.”




“I just want to make sure.”


“What.. well, whatever.”


Yuna reluctantly took her phone out of her pocket and showed a group chat, but only between Kenichi and herself alone.


“This professional picture…”


Saying that, Natsuko took out her cellphone and immediately compared it.




“Mama, what’s wrong”


“Yuna, Kenichi is my man.”




Then Natsuko and Yuna spent an hour talking.


Mother and daughter, no, the two who look like sisters were definitely related by blood.




The two of them…


Had squinted eyes…


And they were arguing like rivals in love.


It was so scary that the customers around them were freaking out, and even the manager who came in to stop them was scared.


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